• Course Expectations

    The following are the Course Expectations for Spanish I and Honors Spanish III

    In order to be successful in this course, students must spend 15-20 minutes daily reviewing vocabulary terms pertaining to the current chapter we are studying. These 15-20 minutes daily will greatly help students internalize the vocabulary, thus will be more likely to remember them long-term. This is the first step to being successful in Spanish I and Honors Spanish III.

    All students should:

    • Have an organized Composition Notebook with handwritten notes. This will help you keep organized and will/can be a resource for Spanish next year.
    • Be an proactive learner. This means asking questions when you need clarification, attending tutoring sessions, and making an effort to attend all live sessions! Click here! To access more information about both levels of Spanish I and Honors Spanish III. 
    • Keep communication with all teachers, especially when absent. When you are absent, check the weekly agenda on our Canvas page to see what you missed!