• SCIENCE - Smith

    Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    2018-2019 Syllabus and Grading Rules

    Mr. Mitchell Smith


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    2nd period message: @mrmsmith2

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    If you have trouble, please email me at smithm7@gcsnc.com


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    All of the course objectives are from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and will be accomplished by independent and group activities, labs, classroom discussions, projects and presentations.


    Unit 1: Introduction & Mapping (Ch. 1 & 2)

    Unit 2: Sun, Moon, Earth (Ch. 28, 29, & 30)

    Unit 3: Lithosphere (Ch. 4, 5, 6, 7, 17, 18, & 19)

    Unit 4: Hydrosphere (Ch. 9, 10, 15, & 16)

    Unit 5: Atmosphere (Ch. 11, 12, & 13)

    Unit 6: Biosphere (There are no chapters that match this material; will be provided w/this)

    Unit 7: Climate Change (Ch. 14 and supplemental material)

    Unit 8: Sustainability (Ch. 25, 26, & 27)


    Materials: A bound composition book (graph paper pages are better), pen/pencil, colored pencils


    ***Please Note:  We will be creating interactive notebooks for this class. The format and information that needs to be in the notebook can be found Here.  With this, it is important to have a bound notebook.  Spiral notebooks will not work.  Also, no markers allowed in the notebooks… they bleed!!

    Grading Guidelines

    Students will be graded on a point system that will be weighted by percent.  All graded work will be assigned a designated number of points.  A student’s grade will be determined by his/her percentage of points earned compared to the total points possible.


    Honors Earth/Environmental Science                                                       Grading Scale

    Tests/ Exams                 50%                          A= 90-100              D=60-69

    Classwork/Quizzes         50%                          B=80-89                  F= 59 & below



    All tests will be announced and a study guide will be provided at least two days in advance.  I do not give out study guides on the first day of the unit.  This leads to blind copying instead of the correct implementation of a study guide.  Tests may consist of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay portions.  The final exam will count 20% of the overall grade and will cover material presented the entire year. 

    Classroom Policies and Expectations

    1.  BE PREPARED for class - have your composition notebook (the kind in which the pages cannot be ripped out) and a pen or pencil every day. Keep all of your work in the composition notebook. Do NOT throw anything out!  Be prepared to have FUN!! 
    2. BE RESPECTFUL - raise your hand when asking a question, and talk in a low voice to your partners only during labs and activities. Be respectful by listening quietly while others speak; be respectful of other’s property.
    3. BE ON TIME - be in your assigned seat, quiet and ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings. Class will usually start by working on the bell ringer/warm-up. Make sure you write the question(s) and answers in the correct section in your notebook.   We will follow the school wide tardy policy. 
    4. BE POSITIVE - Ask questions if you are unsure of a topic, and come to tutoring! I am here to help!
    5. Always abide by the safety rules - know the location of the eyewash, fire extinguisher and the MSDS safety precautions for the chemicals we may be using that day. If you have a question about a procedure, ask.
    6. Take care of personal needs before coming to class - This includes going to the restroom, lockers, water fountain, sharpening pencils and applying makeup.   4 BATHROOM PASSES PER QUARTER (EXTRA CREDIT IF NOT USED)
    7. Hats, food, drinks and candy are not allowed in class (unless permission is given)
    8. Wait for the bell - do not pack up until the bell rings, unless otherwise instructed.  Students are not to be out of their seats without permission.
    9. Cell phone policy- We will follow the school wide cell phone policy. We may use cell phone apps in certain labs or activities otherwise cellphones should be off and not in use from 8:55 until 3:50 unless directed by the teacher to use your phone for educational purposes.
    10. We will follow the Guilford County attendance policy and Code of Conduct. It is your responsibility to ask, complete and turn in all make up work or take any missed quizzes or tests if you are absent. When you return from an absence, ask your partner for the bell ringers you missed and complete them immediately.


    Students whose behavior interrupts instruction or distracts others from learning should expect immediate consequences for their actions.  I will assign one page essays to students on a topic specific to their behavior issue when needed.  These assignments will be followed up with a call home.  If a detention is assigned, I will send a note home or call at least one day in advance of the scheduled after school detention, which will run from 4:00-5:00 pm.



    I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 8:10-8:40 a.m.. Please take advantage of this. If you absolutely cannot make one of these times, see me to sign up for an alternative time.

    *Cheating will result in a zero which cannot be made up (Includes sharing information on any assignment)

    *No talking during tests or quizzes as this will be considered cheating.



    When you walk in (you have 2 minutes)

    -          Check either board for directions
    -          Get your materials
    -          Sit in your seat and begin the warm-up

    If you are tardy
    -          Quietly find your seat without disturbing anyone. Class has already started without you!
    -          If you have a note, silently place it on my desk.  Your goal – no disruption.
    -          If you do not have a note, expect the consequences outlined in the school tardy policy

    If you have something to turn in
    -          Make sure the work is complete, and I will collect it.
    -          If you are turning in something late, turn in any papers to your period’s INBOX before or after class
    When I need your attention
    -          I will raise my hand and ask for you to refocus, silently, and look toward the front of the classroom
    -          I WILL WAIT for the entire class’s attention.
    When you need my attention or the whole class’s attention
    -          Raise your hand and I will address you or come to you.
    When you are working in a group
    -          WORK HARD! Don’t cheat your group or yourself! We have a BIG GOAL to reach!
    -          Use ALL of your time to work, make sure that all group members are performing their assigned task
    -          If you are working on something I did not assign in class that day you will lose points or receive a zero
    When you are working by yourself
    -          WORK HARD! STAY FOCUSED!
    -          Ask questions if you get stuck.  It is ok to struggle a little – that’s when you know you are challenging yourself.
    At the end of class
    -          We will wrap up with a summary of the most important ideas.
    -          6th Period-Please put your chairs upside down on the table
    -          You are not to pack up, or get up to leave until I dismiss you
    If you have to leave class
    -          You will have 4 Hall Passes a quarter.
    -          Each unused and returned hall pass is worth 5 points on a Test grade at the end of the quarter
    -          Use them at appropriate times during class and for emergencies only!
    If you are absent/need to re-take or make-up work
    -          You are responsible for finding out and making up what you missed from your class folder
    -          All work for a unit needs to be completed and made up BEFORE THE NEXT UNIT EXAM!
    If you want to know your grade
    -          Have your parents check Parent Assist
    -          OR schedule an appointment with me before or after school

    -          Do not ask about your grade during class time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J



    Please feel free to contact me anytime. I will respond to e-mails within 1-2 days.

    E-mail: smithm7@gcsnc.com                                 School phone #: (336) 605-3300


    Class Schedule

    1st Period:      Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    2ndPeriod:     Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    3rd Period:     Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    4th Period:     Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    5th Period:     Honors Earth/Environmental Science

    6th Period:     Physics Honors