Reminder! The Third Quarter will see the map quizzes returning based on the schedule below:

    Tuesday, January 28th: Americas

    Friday, February 7th: Africa

    Tuesday, February 18th: Europe





    Welcome to AP Human Geography!

    This is a class that will take you to places you've never known. A class that will open your eyes to ways of living you've never tried. A class that will help you see just how delicate and frail the world you live in really is. Ultimately, you will walk away from this class with a stronger sense of where you "fit" in this world and how we as a human species interact with one another.


    Instructional Philosophy: 
    Students will be able to apply intelligently both in writing and verbally the geographical concepts they learn. Students will be exposed to information through projects, note taking, oral presentations, lectures, outside reading, current events and improving their test taking skills. Student assessment and mastery will be based on daily quizzes, written projects, oral presentations, Free Response Question (FRQ) Essays, Data Based Question (DBQ) Essays, and multiple choice tests with free response/data-based questions that model the AP Exam. at the end of each unit. Tests usually will consist of ~30 multiple choice questions followed by 1-2 FRQ questions. FRQs require complete sentences based on complete thoughts.

    Course Units 
    The course is divided into seven units. The topics for the course are centered around the course outline provided by AP Central as follows: 1. Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives, 2. Population, 3. Cultural Patterns and Processes, 4. Political Organization of Space, 5. Agriculture and Rural Land Use, 6. Industrialization and Economic Development, and 7. Cities and Urban Land Use. 


    Students Need:

    1. Pens and pencils (Blue or Black Ink)

    2. A 2 or 3 inch 3-Ring Binder for storing articles, lecture notes, and documents

    3. Coloring utensils (Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, etc.)

    4. Highlighter (Please do not highlight text from the class textbook)

    5. 3x5 Note cards for flash-cards (optional)