Welcome to World History!


    This is an exciting, fast-paced course that will help you see just how important and connected everything is between the past, present, and future. Even if you aren't particularly a fan of history, there will be many wonderful things you will learn in this course. If you're worried about having to memorize all those "dates" you think history classes always focus on, rest easy. This class is more about showing you how history is very much alive and applicable to your daily lives!


    Please be sure to follow the information presented in the class syllabus as consistently and closely as possible. If you find you are struggling in the course please come to one of the following tutorial sessions or make arrangements with me. 


    Wednesday's After School from 4pm-4:30pm

    Friday's Before School from 8am-8:30am


    Supplies Needed!

    Colored Pencils


    Glue (sticks and bottles)

    Poster boards



    Hand Sanitizer

    Expo Markers