• What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a process for creating safer, more effective schools. Our goal is to create a school environment that fosters success. To implement this new structure, Southeast Middle will develop a set of expectations and behaviors to be taught in classrooms and rewarded throughout the school. Students learn that we are accountable for our own individual behavior. Southeast is joining several other schools within Guilford County that have adopted this method of behavior support.

    PBS Reward System

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is based on an incentive system that includes rewards for students that exhibit good behavior.

    • All staff members carry tickets to give to students that are following the behaviors taught by their teachers. Tickets can be given for such simple things as walking quietly in a straight line or remembering to close their locker without slamming.
    • Students collect tickets and write their own name on it.
    • Students have opportunities to use the tickets for drawings and other prizes and events throughout the school year. 

    Our SEMS Pledge

    To keep our goals in the forefront of our students' minds, we will repeat out PBIS pledge every morning immediately following the Pledge of Allegiance

    As a Southeast Falcon, I will

    • Show respect
    • Exercise Integrity
    • Maintain Self-control
    • Seek excellence

    In all I do.

    Reward Headquarters

    The falcons need your help! Because of our universal budget crunch, our "Falcon Nest" is running low. We need donations for our little rewards store!   Our community has always come through for us in the past, we thank you in advance for your help!