• Expectations

    My classroom is requires students to be team players and to participate.  To ensure that the classroom is safe and welcoming to all students, I have a few rules and guidelines to ensure a positive environment.
    1.  Always be on task
    2.  Wait for permission to speak
    3.  Listen attentively to the speaker
    4.  Stay in your seat during instruction
    5.  Take responsibility for your own actions 
    Behavior and Discipline
    In our classroom, every student has the right to be in a safe, caring classroom environment where the main goal is learning.  Classroom management is a vital part of establishing a positive learning environment.  In order to have a safe and positive classroom, the students will adhere to the following expectations.  Each student is responsible for his/her own actions.  These rules are designed to ensure the safety and the best possible opportunity to learn in our classroom.  
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe
    • Have a positive attitude

    In addition:

    • Bullying will never be tolerated
    • Always be prepared for class with homework and supplies
    • Follow all class and school rules


    Students are expected to complete assigned homework to strengthen basic skills.  Homework is utilized to assist students in their mastery of the curriculum.  Full credit is given for completion to the best of their ability.  Students are required to write their homework assignments in their agenda each  day.  This responsibility is vital for students to succeed in class.  Students must have their planners with them each day so that they will be prepared for class.  Students are also responsible for turning in their homework on time.
    Late Work 
    Students may turn in homework late, for reduced points, up to 2 days late.
    Tests and Quizzes 
    Assessments and Quizzes will always be announced
    The retake contract must be completed and returned to the teacher.  Retake contracts are located in the absent work hanging folder in class.  Retakes are subject to teacher approval.  I reserve the right to refuse a retake request due to incomplete and/or missing work, lack of perseverance on classroom assignments and/or activities, and/or lack of retake preparation. 
    • Retake requests must be made by the student within one week of receiving a graded test back.
    • Errors in understanding need to be identified.  An explanation is required of what the student did incorrectly for each missed question.
    • Due to time constraints, retake requests will not be granted the last week of a grading period.
    • The retake score replaces the original score 
    • Open note assessments are not eligible for retakes.
    • District assessments are not eligible for retakes. 
     Grades are posted on Powerschool.  Students and parents are encouraged to check Powerschool to monitor grades and performance.
    I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating.  Students who are caught cheating will receive an automatic zero on the assignment/assessment without the opportunity for a retake.  
    Communication between parents/guardians and teachers is vital to a successful year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Email is the most efficient way to correspond.  If you would prefer to speak to me, you may leave a message on my classroom phone and I will call you back as soon as possible.  If you feel that you need to meet with me, just let me know and we will get that scheduled.