• 6th Grade Math

    I believe that math should interactive, relatable, and Fun, in order to build a strong Math foundation. Math is everywhere it is translatable, regardless of the culture, language or place in the world, 2+2 will equal 4. I want my scholars to have the ability to visualize math being a solution  to real- world situations and problems. 

    Current Topics and Standards

    • Dividing Fractions - Students have learned several different strategies to use for dividing fractions. The most popular being "Keep-Change-Flip" or KCF.KCF Model
    • Finding missing side of a triangle or rectangle, when given, a side length (as a fractional Value) and the Area (as a fractional value). Using equation

      Area=1/2 base x height

    • Finding Volume of 3-D figures (rectangles), when given fractional values for length, width, and/or height. Using equation

      Volume= length x width x height