NC Licensure

  • North Carolina Professional Educator Certification Information

    The State of North Carolina requires that all professional educators be licensed according to their area of assignment to insure that the children we serve receive the highest quality education.  Licensed employees must meet both State and Federal licensing requirements in order to be employed.  The Guilford County Schools Recruiting and Staffing department assists educators with licensure. 

    The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has an online licensure system.  Employees can initiate most licensure requests independently.  To learn more about the online system or to obtain the link for application, click here.

    Current employees should contact their Staffing Specialist directly for questions regarding licensure information.  

    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Licensure Fees


    Adding a Provisional Licensure Area

    Effective July 1, 2016, the North Carolina State Board of Education approved a change in policy LICN-001 – General Licensure Requirements to allow individuals with a “non-restricted” (the 2nd digit of one’s licensure program code is anything other than 5, as five indicates a restricted license.) Initial or Continuing license to add another licensure area provisionally at the recommendation of the employing school system.  See below excerpt from the policy.  

     If you have questions regarding this information, please contact your Staffing Specialist.  Click here to view the contact information for your Staffing Specialist.

    An example of how this might work:

    You have an initial license in elementary education and your school will lose a K-5 position for next year. 
    However, there will be a vacancy in EC- General Curriculum and you and your Principal believe you could fill this vacancy. 
    If you are in agreement to add the licensure area, HR will help you make the request to add the EC-General Curriculum area to your license before passing the required NC testing. 
    You would be required to pay a licensure fee to add the area to your license and complete the licensure requirements (PRAXIS or Pearson (for Elementary Education and EC-General Curriculum) testing or 24 semester hours in the content area) within a 5-year period. 

    1.50 Provisional Licenses 

    (a) Effective July 1, 2016, Individuals licensed at the class A (bachelor’s) level or higher may have other areas added on a provisional basis to their license as needed and requested by the employing LEA. Teachers who are granted a provisional license are eligible to receive the same years of teaching experience associated with their original license. 

    (b) The Licensure Section shall issue the provisional license and inform the individual and LEA personnel officer of requirements to clear the provisional status. These requirements may include course work and/or testing. 

    (c) Effective for the 2015-2016 school year, all course credit earned toward fulfilling these requirements must be directly applicable to the provisional license and must be met by the end of the duration of the provisional license. All requirements to clear a provisional license must be completed within five years of the first effective date of the provisional license. 

    (d) In the area of exceptional children, teachers must hold the appropriate license for each area of exceptionality to which they are assigned. Effective July 1, 1998, if 50% or more of a class qualifies as an exceptional area, the teacher must be licensed in that area.

    (e) Provisional licenses are issued only on the request of the employing LEA. To be eligible for a provisional license, the individual must be assigned in the license area


    NC LICENSURE UPDATE - March 8, 2019

    Changes in North Carolina Professional Educator Testing Requirements for Elementary Education (K – 6) and Special Education General Curriculum

     Effective April 6, 2019, the following content area tests will be required by the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) for Elementary Education and Special Education General Curriculum:

     Elementary Education (K-6)

    • Pearson Foundations of Reading Test #90 (required score=229) AND
    • Pearson Mathematics Subtest #203 (required score=227) OR
    • (newly approved test) PRAXIS Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) Math Test #7803 (required score=150)

        NOTE: The Pearson Multi-Subject Test #103 is NO LONGER REQUIRED

     Special Education – General Curriculum (K-12)

    • PRAXIS II Test #5543 (required score=158) AND
    • Pearson Foundations of Reading Test #90 (required score=229) AND
    • Pearson Mathematics Subtest #203 (required score=227) OR
    • (newly approved test) PRAXIS Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) Math Test #7803 (required score=150)

         NOTE: The Pearson Multi-Subject Test #103 is NO LONGER REQUIRED

    •  If you are currently registered for the Multi-Subject test, you may elect to withdraw from testing. 
      • You would need to work with Pearson to determine if a refund is possible. 
    • If you have not been successful in passing the Pearson Mathematics Subtest, you may elect to attempt the PRAXIS CKT Math Test. 
      • You may take the PRAXIS CKT Math Test prior to April 6th
      • If you pass the test prior to this date, the NCDPI will accept passing scores. 
    • You must have your scores sent to the NCDPI directly from the testing company (Pearson or PRAXIS/ETS)
    • You must submit copies of your scores to your Staffing Specialist in Human Resources

          Click here to view registration information and upcoming test dates for PRAXIS CKT Mathematics Test 7803.

          Click here to view registration information for Pearson Tests.