• Voluntary Student Accident Insurance


    You can purchase school-time or 24-hour accident insurance for your child by going online and visiting this website:  www.k12specialmarkets.com.

    Once on the website, follow these steps: 

    1. Click on Enroll Now.  Then enter “Guilford County” at School System and “North Carolina” at School State.  Then click on the “Look-up” bar. 
    2. Under Search Results click on “Guilford County Schools.”
    3. Under the Coverages: Student 1 check the box for the plan(s) you want to purchase and click the Next bar.  Then complete the application and click the Next bar.
    4. Enter your credit card information and click Purchase Coverage.
    5. Your child is now covered.  Click on the bar to print your child’s enrollment card.

     CLICK HERE for the Claim Form