• Southeast Middle School Physical Education

    1. DRESS

    All students are expected to dress for activity. The uniform required by all students consists of orange shorts, gray shirt, and athletic footwear. The school offers gray shirts and orange shorts to be purchased for (shirt $6, shorts $9).

    Students can provide their own clothing in place of the uniform as long as it is the required color and length and not clothing that is worn to school. If you wear leggings under your PE shorts they must be black.    ALL UNIFORMS SHOULD BE LABELED WITH THE STUDENTS FIRST AND LAST NAME. This will allow us to get the uniform back to the owner if clothes are lost or left out.  Sweat shirts and sweat pants (any color) can be worn OVER the required uniform. Each student will be allowed 2 uniform passes each quarter this year only on Mondays or the first day of the school week. This will be explained to the students during the first two weeks of school


    The Physical Education grade consists of dressing out, class participation, and the development of motor skills and knowledge, which will be tested in some units. As stated earlier, all students are expected to dress for activity.  When a student does not dress out they will not participate and will receive a zero for the day. If a child is ill, but well enough to attend school he/she may request to be excused from active participation, but is still expected to dress out.  Health classes will be conducted at certain times throughout the year. Health grades will be averaged into the overall Physical Education grade.  Progress reports will be given half-way through each nine week grading period if a student has a grade below C.  Performance reports will be given as needed.


    Should a student need to be excused from dressing out and active participation due to SERIOUS injury or illness please have your physician indicate so in writing. The physician should indicate the approximate length of time the student is to be out of activity.  An assignment may be given for students who are out of activity for extended periods of time.


    Failure to make up any missed assignments due to excused absences will result in a zero for those days.  You will receive up to 5 days to make up any assignment once you return to class.  Alternative assignments will be required for extended absences, and will be dealt with on an individual basis.



    Physical Education Dept. Discipline Plan


    For minor offenses

    1st offense-Verbal warning/Sit student out of activity for a brief period

    2nd offense-Conference with student

    3rd offense-Parent contact by phone, email, or performance report

    4th offense-After-school detention with a PE teacher

    5th offense-Office Referral


    For major offenses

    Immediate office referral