• The ARC Reading Framework:

    Guilford County Schools has adopted an exciting new framework to teaching reading and writing skills, with a large collection of leveled readers, which is available in every ELA classroom. At the start of the school year, every student was assessed to determine his or her independent reading levels. Each student is able to from this collection of leveled books to read daily in class during our daily silent-sustained-reading time. Students will be re-assessed periodically throughout the year to determine growth and adjust their reading levels. ELA curriculum standards are also being taught with materials that are leveled to each student's individual reading level. The ARC (American Reading Company) framework will address all of the ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum standards for 6th grade. 

    What We Do In ELA Class:

    Much of what we do in ELA class this year will take place in the classroom and will be counted toward your child's classwork/participation grade. We will also have projects and periodic tests and quizzes. I have high execrations for all students in my class. Students are expected to do their best everyday and complete work in a timely fashion.

    Homework Expectations:

    In addition to classroom reading practice, students are expected to read AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EVERY NIGHT, and complete a nightly reading log. Please help your child to set aside a time each evening to read independently and complete their reading log for class. Reading logs are ASSIGNED EVERY MONDAY, and are due EVERY FRIDAY.  Completion of reading logs counts toward your child's homework grade.


    How Things Are Graded:

    Tests/Projects 50%

    Classwork/Participation 20%

    Homework 10%                  

    Quizzes 20%


    Classroom Behavior Expectations

    *Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.

    *Respect yourself, others and property.

    *Follow directions.

    *Bring proper materials to class.        

    *Keep hands feet and objects to yourself.