• Mrs. Brown’s Science Syllabus

    Instructor: Mrs. Allison Brown

    Voice Mail: 336-674-4280

    e-mail: browna3@gcsnc.com

    Course : 7th Grade Science

    Textbook :  Prentice Hall Science Explorer

    This will be a fun and exciting year in science class!  I expect you to work hard and have fun too as you learn about the world around you and yourself.


    Students in grade 7 are enrolled in a year long course in science in which they will explore and use science processing skills to discover science concepts.

    Units Covered

    Scientific Inquiry, Metric Measurements, Graphing, Weather Heredity/Genetics

    Heredity/Genetics, Human Body/biology



    This year Science class will be 75 minutes.  Students will be expected to study the material and be proficient on the material by test day.  Each student’s grade will be determined using the following scale:

    Tests                                                     50%

    projects                                               20%

    Homework/Class work                  10%

    Laboratory Exercises                      10%

    Participation                                       10%



    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignment for the day/days you missed.  The assignments are due the day following your return, or in special cases, within a reasonable time frame determined by the teacher.  A test or quiz must be made up the day following your return to class.  Any assignments not turned in within a reasonable time will be given a zero.  There are clipboards on the wall under the “Make Up Work” sign where the make-up work will be located.


    Homework will be assigned a dictated by class progress and prearranged due dates discussed within class.  Homework is often an extension of the day’s activities.  Homework that is incomplete or late will receive a reduced grade.


    Cheating is a violation of school policy and will not be tolerated.  If a student is copying another students test, homework, class work, etc  both students will receive a zero for that assignment.


    Each student is expected to have a notebook just for science work that will be kept in class. You may also keep your Science notes in the notebook and take them home to study for a test.  They will need to be replaced in the notebook after you have used them or you many keep a notebook for Science notes.  All graded work (class work, tests, and homework) should be kept in the notebook until the end of each unit.  This will be used during conferences and anytime a parent needs to discuss a grade.  Graph paper, colored pencils, a ruler, composition notebook and calculator will be used in lab investigations throughout the year.  Each paper turned in must have the proper heading.  The heading must be placed in the upper right hand corner and include your First Name, Last Name, Period, Date.


    Students who turn in work late will lose 5 points a day up to a 60.