• CLASS RULES   - very important for students to know and understand:

    Students are required on a daily basis to enter the classroom quietly, go immediately to their seats, and be ready to work, learn, read, sing, and have fun.  This is what we are all about.  In doing these things, a student must always remain positive, and follow the SEMS EXPECTATIONS

    Show Respect   Exercise Integrity   Maintain Self-Control   Seek Excellence in all they do

    Also, in the Choral Classroom, they must try every day to, “BE THE FOUR P’s.”   


    be on time to class.  Repeated tardies result in discipline steps.  Students are scheduled 2 minutes of walk time between classes at Southeast.  I allow them 3 so that if they come from far away they can still make it here with no problems.  The extra minute I allow is also to be used (if necessary) for water.  IMPORTANT: RESTROOM BREAKS AND LOCKER VISITS ARE ONLY TO BE DONE DURING DESIGNATED PLANNED TIMES.  Both are built into the schedules by grade level.  Students should only be at lockers during designated grade-level locker visits- without exception.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD TRY TO USE THE RESTROOM DURING THE DESIGNATED GROUP/GRADE LEVEL BREAKS.  If there is a legitimate emergency during class, students may ask for an exception with the use of their designated hall pass, but only three (3) of these exceptions are allowed per grading period (quarter).  Students are allowed five (5) emergency exceptions per quarter in each core class.  This should more than accommodate any individual student’s needs.  Parents, if your child has a medical situation that needs further accommodation regarding this, please make me aware in (in writing) immediately.  Students may only get water before entering the room.  Do not ask after you have arrived- the class time is too short to spend writing hall passes water.  If you arrive and the door is already closed, class has begun without you.  Enter, and either A) bring me your signed hall pass or B) sign the class tardy log.


    this means attitude.  Leave your troubles at the door. Get involved in the lesson every day.  Do your part and do your best.  Sit or stand with the correct singing posture, use the correct form, hold the music correctly, and sing.   Half of a student’s chorus grade comes from positive, daily participation points.   

    PREPARED— come to class with whatever materials are required (it will be announced).  If there are instructions in place when you enter the room, begin the assignment immediately.  Do not have ANY UNNECESSARY, POSSIBLY DISTRACTING ITEMS OUT DURING INSTRUCTIONAL TIME.  They will be taken up and returned on the last class day, barring a parent conference.  Bring ABSOLUTELY NO GUM, FOOD OR CANDY …AT ALL!!  EVER!!! There are very specific and immediate consequences for gum/food use in the choral classroom. 


    this means respect.  This means for each other, teachers, parents, the team, and yourself.  Remember that respect flows both ways.  While you  participate raise your hand and wait to be recognized if you need to speak. Keep hands, feet, etc. off others, their chairs, their property.  Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.


    Students must go directly to their seats upon entering each day, and remain seated- even if class has not yet begun.  NO ONE SHOULD BE UP or MOVING AROUND THE ROOM BEFORE CLASS.  Students may sharpen pencils and get tissue whenever necessary during class, but before class begins, they must remain seated.  Any “special” requests from the student (retrieving a forgotten item, bulletin board viewing, private conference w/teacher, etc.) may only be done with specific permission from the teacher (raise your hand first) before class begins.  Otherwise, once a student has entered the classroom, they are to remain in THEIR seat until class is over.  Unless they have permission, students may not leave the room until dismissed.  This includes the time after they arrive and BEFORE class begins.  When Mr. Dobbins shuts the door, class has begun, and all student conversation will stop.


    *Parents, please note the IMPORTANT details below - they involve you. J


    CONCERT ATTENDANCE—Chorus is a performance class, and therefore, some performances will obviously be required as graded exams.  Anyone taking chorus should plan on working on our performance goals, and attending the performances.  A large team goal will be to continue the high quality of choral performances at Southeast.  To accomplish this, the entire team must be involved. Some performances will involve all the chorus students in each class.  They are: (please take note)    *Winter/Holiday Concert on Dec. 12, 2017;   *MPA Festival Concert on March 6, 2018 (performed with the High School Choruses);   and *End-of-Year/Spring Concert on May 17, 2018- all at 7:00 p.m. at Southeast High School.  Please take a moment to mark these dates on your calendar and reserve those evenings.  Please also observe (and keep) the attached list of important chorus dates.  Each of the concerts listed above will count as an exam worth 200 points.  Students and parents are expected to make arrangements (rides, clothes, etc.). For the three concerts listed above, students need to be in place before the scheduled roll call (6:45 p.m.) and must be taken home right after the concert.  If transportation or attire is a major issue, Mr. Dobbins should be informed by parents well in advance so that a solution can be found (see end of paper). Students must stay until the end of each concert to complete the exam grade.  These dates are provided now so that the entire team can arrange to attend.  An absence from the exam will be treated just like an absence from school.  If it is excused, the student will have the opportunity to schedule a make-up for the exam (usually a singing exam before or after school).  An excused absence is a family emergency, an illness, or accident, as long as a signed note from a guardian is provided to Mr. Dobbins as soon as the student returns to school.  Please write an actual note and sign it, and send it in (rather than an email).  All of this is the same as the attendance policy for school.  If you already know of a potential conflict with any of the 3 dates listed above, I need you to please list them at the bottom of this page.  Otherwise, please consider these concerts a prior commitment as you plan your schedule of activities for the year.  Again, following these procedures, and coming to Mr. Dobbins to schedule a meeting will allow the student to make up the exam points with a singing test.  The act of bringing the note does not constitute making up the work.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a makeup with Mr. Dobbins.  Mr. Dobbins WILL NOT pursue a student, asking why they were not at the concert or if they are going to make up the grade. It’s the student’s responsibility.  If these procedures are not followed, the absence is unexcused and the exam score will be zero.  At the performance, students will be graded on attendance, punctuality, proper attire and performance/audience etiquette.  Mr. Dobbins will notify students and parents by word and letter/school announcement/newsletter of any other performance opportunities that come up.  If there are any, you will be notified several weeks ahead of time. 


    CONCERT ATTIRETraditional music performance colors are black and white.  In our formal concerts (the 3 above), students will wear a simple, tasteful black and white performance outfit:

                TOP- Plain, long-sleeve white dress shirt or blouse; neckties for the gentlemen.

                BOTTOM- Black long pants or slacks-no skirts. Dark dress shoes, preferably black.

                *Note to parents—These items are frequently priced very low at stores like Kohl’s, Target, Wal-Mart etc.  If financial reasons absolutely prevent you from purchasing these, please call me or have your child speak with me privately, but do it soon.  More info about optional t-shirts attached.


    GRADESGrades in chorus will come from two things: scores and daily points

    ScoresAll graded assignments: written tests, performances, homework, projects, etc.

    Daily pointsPoints earned by 100% participation, effort, and positive cooperation in each day’s lesson/rehearsal.  Students must follow the four Ps to receive all their daily points, and to reach a daily points average of 100 at the end of the quarter.

    On each report card, the grade shown is 50% from scores and 50% from daily points.