• It is imperative that each student comes to class prepared, ready to learn, and participates each day.  During the school year students will need to purchase materials to complete several projects. The fee will cover the cost of all necessary materials for each project.

    To ensure that the technology classroom environment is truly beneficial for learning, there are certain behaviors that are expected from each student.

    Student Expectations:

     * Be on time and prepared for class each day. Each student is expected to have the following everyday:

    1. Pencil/Pen
    2. Electronic Notebook (tablet)

    * Raise your hand to speak or move from workstation

    * Respect the people and equipment in the classroom

    * Follow the posted classroom rules



    *Verbal Warning

    *Verbal Warning and conference with teacher

    *Parent Contact/after school detention/lunch detention

    “Bounced” to another class

    *Severe Disruptions - *Office Referral

    Classroom Promptness:

    Once a student receives 3 tardies they will be assigned after school or lunch detention.

    Grading Scale:

    A = 90-100            B = 80-89              C = 70-79               D = 60-69              F = 0-59

    ALL assignments are expected to be completed and turned in by the given deadline.  Unexcused late work will only be able to receive a maximum of 60%.