• Learning new math concepts can at times, be a very frustrating experience for students and parents.  It is our job as parents, teachers, and students to work together and support one another in an effort to accomplish a common goal. I hope students view my class as a safe place to learn; feel challenged and supported, as well as experience success.


    The following information explains grading policies and class expectations.  Please read through this information carefully and be sure you and your student have an understanding of these academic and behavioral expectations.  Keep this copy for your records. 

     Homework 10% of grade

    • Homework, for the week, is given out on Monday. Students are required to complete each night as formatted on the worksheet.  Homework is checked for completion at the beginning of class. Students are expected to be able to present their completed homework to the teacher in order to receive credit. Students who do not have homework completed, at the time it's checked, will NOT be given credit. Each nightly homework assignment is worth 25 points.  If homework is incomplete or not in class at the time it is checked, your student will receive 0 out of 25 points for that assignment.  With four nights of HW weekly, your student is able to earn a weekly score of 100 for homework. 
    • Homework is checked, corrected, and reviewed by the teacher/students in class. It is usually not collected and should remain in the possession of the student.  At the end of the week, students will file their homework in their 3 pronged folder. 
    • Please review and sign the HW Expectations handout glued on the first page of your child’s math notes notebook.

     Classwork 15% of grade

    • Classwork consists of in-class group activities or independent practice given throughout the unit of study. It may also include notebook and warm-up checks conducted periodically throughout the year. Classwork may be graded on completion and/or accuracy and will vary depending on the assignment. Graded classwork assignments will be worth 100 points.

    Quizzes 25% of grade

    • Quizzes (announced and pop) will be given periodically, throughout the unit of study. Quizzes are worth 100 points. 
    • Timed quizzes on Multiplication/Division facts will be given intermittently. Some quizzes are checked for progress monitoring and some may be graded.  Students will be given advanced notice if before a graded quiz.  They will start out having 10 minutes to complete the timed facts test.  Time will be decreased by a minute until we reach 5 minutes.  The cycle will be repeated with division facts during the second semester.  It’s essential that students maintain mastery of their basic facts. 

    Major tests / Projects 50% of grade

    • Major tests will be announced at least 3 days in advance. Tests are worth 100 points.
    • Projects will be assigned on occasion and worth 100 points. Most projects will be graded based on a rubric.

    Notes Notebook

    • Students should have a 3-subject spiral notebook for math class. This is a very critical school supply and I thank you in advance for purchasing one for your student. 
    • Students MUST have/bring their notes notebook to math class EVERY day and maintain it with great care!!!!! It ultimately becomes their textbook and is super valuable.  
    • Most all notes in math are given and glued in the notes notebook rather than copied down by the students. This ensures all students get the same information and legibility is not an issue with students or parents.  With that being said GLUE STICKS are our friends.   Your student will need many glue sticks over the course of the school year.  While more money, I have found that the GIANT and JUMBO glue sticks are a better investment and last much longer than several of the smaller ones. 


    • The recommend calculator is the TI-34 MultiView™ by Texas Instruments.  We have calculators for student use in school however it’s helpful to have one to assist with lessons done at home.

     Get ALL Tests Signed

    • 2 points will be awarded to a TEST when the student brings the test back to school, with a parent/guardian signature.  The signed test must be submitted the day after it is returned to the student.  After the +2 points are recorded, the paper will be given back to the student.  All signed tests may be placed in the core tray for your section.

     Proof of Study (POS)

    • A student may complete a Proof of study (POS) for any announced TEST. A POS is designed to encourage each student to study and be more successful. 
    • A minimum of 10 problems that correspond to the current material being tested must be completed with all work shown, a note from a parent/guardian that the student studied, or a completion of the study guide provided by the teacher.  
    • Before each qualifying TEST, the student will be reminded about the POS and we will discuss options to complete. Re-doing previous homework will not be accepted. 
    • A POS is worth up to 3 points added to the TEST score.

    Study Guides

    Study guides are often provided before a unit test.  They are not required to be completed however, it is HIGHLY recommended that your student complete the given study guide as the best means of preparing for tests.  The study guide answer key will be sent out the evening before the test and accessible on the student’s device/ThinkPad.  Students are expected to use the key to self-assess and make needed corrections.  Also, be sure your student is prepared to ask questions the following day, before the test is administered.  Remember, a completed and corrected study guide is worth up to +3 points added to the test score. 

    Extra Credit is not offered 

    Additional assignments are not typically given to pull up a student’s average.  Students are given a number of opportunities to earn additional points throughout each quarter.  Students my turn in up to two late assignments per quarter, earn up to +3 points for completing a POS when preparing for tests, earn +2 points for sharing graded TEST with parents/guardians and getting them signed.  

    Math Text

    Due to the changes in the curriculum with Common Core as the New Standard Course of Study, textbooks will not be issued.  However, there will be a class set for use in school as one of the many resources we’ll be using to introduce and teach new concepts.  The MATH NOTEBOOK is essentially your student’s textbook.



    I offer remediation/tutoring after school on Wednesdays.   Prior permission is required before a student can stay.  Students can get tutorial slips in most any classroom.  They are to be completed, signed, and returned no later than Tuesday in order to stay on Wednesday.   Thank you for your support in following this procedure.