• *All students are graded in Spanish on Spanish reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities.

    *Students in 6th-grade Spanish will find their handouts and Spanish links in Canvas helpful.  Please review as much as possible--especially during the Spanish off-week.  6th graders are part of an Exploratory Class of Spanish and will meet every other week throughout the year.

    *Students in Spanish 1 should review 10-15 minutes every night--even when there is no "official homework."  Handouts, their notebooks, their textbook, and links in Canvas are all helpful.  Vocabulary and grammar need to be reviewed on a continuous basis.  

    7th and 8th graders take Spanish 1 every day for two  years.  If they meet course requirements and receive a passing grade, they are eligible to receive a high school credit and will enter high school ready for Spanish 2. Parents/Guardians, please help students to remember to save all of their handouts and notebook throughout both years of Spanish--these will help them later on. They should organize the handouts by units.

    8th graders should review their Spanish 1 notes and handouts during the summer or semester before entering Spanish 2 (as well as visit the links section for textbook activities, grammar games, etc.).  

    There are regular surprise work checks that may result in a 0 if it is not complete.  Also, any work may be taken up at any time--but all work may not receive a numerical grade.  Work will not be accepted late, unless due to extenuating circumstances.



     If you have any questions, please let me know.