• All Students are expected to comply to the following:


    Guilford County School's rules and procedures in the Student Handbook.

    Southeast Middle School's rules and procedures in the Southeast Middle School Handbook.

    PBIS Expectations (Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies)

    Mrs. Therrell's Classroom Policies and Procedures, and Expectations including:

    • Late Work Policy - All work is due the on the date determined.  Only work submitted on time can receive full credit.  Work submitted one day late, 75 maximum score, work submitted two days late, 50 maximum.  No work will be accepted after three days past the due date (exception:  absences)  As always, there are occasions and circumstances that will be taken into consideration on a student by student basis.
    • No food or beverages in the classroom.  (Exception:  water, not flavored - sugar creates problems with ants and other critters)
    • Raise your hand for permission to:  speak, use the restroom, get out of your seat once instruction has begun.  Use the time before class begins to get water, use the restroom, sharpen pencils, gather materials needed, etc.