• Classroom Management

              It is expected that students follow classroom expectations.  As a positive consequence, students can receive Falcon Tickets for exhibiting good behavior and practices in the classroom.  Ask your student about the rewards for Falcon Tickets?!?


    Grading Scale and Assignments

              100-93 = A

                92-85 = B

                84-77 = C

                76-70 = D

                Below 70 = F



    • Test = 40%

    Tests will be announced at least a week in advance. 


    • Classwork and Projects = 30%

    Classwork is graded work completed in class. These assignments are used to practice objectives taught in class and used to assess future assignments. Projects are assigned in class at least a week before they are due. Projects are assigned to apply current objectives taught in class.



    • Quizzes = 20%

    Students will complete in class assessments that will count as a quiz on a weekly basis.  These quizzes will be used to modify instruction and ensure that students are mastering the material.


    • Homework/Participation   = 10%

    Homework is assigned to practice concepts and objectives taught in class as we work towards mastery of the 7th grade curriculum. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.

    Required Materials

    1. Tablet fully charged and ready to use every day in math class.
    2. Writing Utensil everyday in math class.  All collected assignments MUST be completed in pencil.
    3. Math Binder  Students MUST bring their Math Binder every day to class. All assignments are kept and organized in the 3 ring 1 ½ binder. Math Binders will be graded twice every quarter.
    4. Pencil Pouch. This pencil pouch should be kept in their Math Binder and should include EXTRA pencils, hand held pencil sharpener, highlighter, colored pencils, markers, or crayons.