• The GCS Lyceum is an internal arts think tank designed to discuss and implement new and emerging trends in arts education. The Guilford County arts community is invited to present lectures, performances, informances, discussions, and other materials for the overall learning community. The GCS Lyceum is an exciting new research oriented program in GCS.

  • Lyceum 1 10.16.17

    Dr. Nathan Street, Director of Fine Arts, conducts a discussion with Weaver Academy students and theatre arts teachers Keith Taylor and Lindsey Clinton-Kraack about "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime."

  • Lyceum 2 11.20.17

    Lauren Smith, Learning Director with Triad Stage, joins the GCS Department of Fine Arts to discuss arts integration and 21st Century Skills.

  • Lyceum #3 with Drorester Alexander, Northeast Guilford High School Choral Director, discussing the jazz influences on Nat King Cole.