• GCS Department of Fine Arts is proud of its long-standing, intimate relationship with the community. GCS Arts is unique in the number and level of relationship with public-public and public-private partnerships it maintains. To date, GCS Arts has forged 57 partnerships including governmental, non-governmental, public, private, non-profit, and for-profit entities. The time, resources, and donations offered as a result of these partnerships possess the dollar equivalent of nearly $500,000 per year and engage nearly 140,000 students per year.

    GCS Arts believes the community must be fully engaged in educating children. To neglect the involvement of the rich resources of our community is to neglect the fullness and breadth of potential educational opportunities for children. We welcome businesses, organizations, and philanthropists to join the world class GCS Arts in educating the whole child. We also encourage our community to support those who support public education.