• Section: 7.0 - Purchasing
    Subject: Purchasing Department
    Effective: July 1, 2005    Revised: July 1, 2013

    Local Boards of Education are delegated authority by the North Carolina General Assembly to purchase goods and services and enter into contracts.  Therefore, school systems' purchasing operations and procedures are controlled by North Carolina General Statutes.  Areas not specifically addressed by the General Statutes are covered by local Board of Education procedures.  The Department od Administration through the North Carolina Division of Purchase and Contract is charged with jurisdiction and control over the specifications and purchase of equipment, materials and supplies required by local Boards of Education with the exception of certain items such as textbooks and food.  Under the requirements of G.S. 115C-522, it is the duty of local Boards of Education to purchase or exchange all their supplies, equipment and materials in accordance with contracts made by or with the approval of the Department of Administration.  Public schools can, however, contract directly for any services they require. 


    Purchasing Commitment

    The Purchasing Department is committed to:

    • getting maximum benefits for the students from the school system's monies
    • carrying out the purchasing process in the best interests of the Guilford County Schools and the taxpayers of Guilford County
    • acting in accord with N.C. General Statutes, local Board of Education procedures and recognized professional purchasing practices
    • providing a climate of fair and open competition for all qualified vendors