• Section 7.0 - Purchasing
    Subject: Special Information When Individual Schools Pay for Fixed Asset Items
    Effective: July 1, 2005    Revised: July 1, 2013

    Local School Funds

    The following purchasing procedures apply ton the use of local funds:

    1. The purchase of any fixed item with local funds, regardless of cost, must be handled by the Purchasing Department, even though the funds to pay for the item may come from school sources.
         a. Write "school to pay" and the equipment account code "4-5110-593-541-XXX-XXX-19, where XXX is the respective school location number) in the account code block of the purchase requisition.
         b. Send the purchase requisition to the Purchasing Department.  Attach a school funds check for the school-to-pay amount to the requisition.  Make the check payable to Guilford County Schools.
    2. Construction and repair work is to be handled by the Director of Maintenance or the Director of Construction.
    3. Purchases totaling $2,500 or more are required to have proper bid documentation attached to the purchase requisition.
    4. See Purchasing sections in the Local School Fund Accounting Procedures Manual for additional information and related procedures.