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    Hello Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to the Computer and Technology Education courses. My name is Marco Alzamora, and I am very excited what this semester will bring us!

    I am really convinced that every child has the potential to contribute something special to our society. My focus is to help them to develop this potential by believing in them as capable individuals. The curriculum will be focused in children interest and make this learning relevant to their life. My classes incorporate integrated units, group projects, group/individual work, and hands-on training giving the children the opportunity to become active learners.

    I really like helping students to understand difficult information, my experience in the business field can serve as model to develop habits as every professional should have not only in the Computer Technology field, but in our society as well. My regular classes are discipline oriented, this will help my students to become better and productive citizens.

    My role as a computer technology teacher is to teach students to become productive members of society, at the same time, train them to be successful in their work field. My plan for students to be successful is to help them develop 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

    I want my students to feel welcome by providing them a safe, caring, and equitable environment where each child can flourish and grow. I want my students to actively participate rather than passively learn.