Visitors and parents are always welcome at Archer Elementary School. EVERYONE must enter through the main entrance and check in at the office. To maintain a safe school environment for our students and staff,  parents, volunteers, observers, and visitors are required to wear special tags when on campus during regular school hours.  

    You are always welcome to eat with your child during his or her class’s regularly scheduled lunch time. Please let the teacher know ahead of time, so enough food will be prepared.  If a parent wishes to eat lunch with their children in different classes, they should schedule separate times with each so that instructional time will not be interrupted. 


    Our teachers and students have a full daily schedule. We strive to limit interruptions of any kind. If you need to relay a message during the instructional day, office personnel will be glad to assist you. Please do not engage teachers in lengthy conversations during instructional time. Teachers will be happy to schedule a conference during their planning period, before school, or after school so that they can give you their full attention.                                            

    All conferences with teachers should be scheduled in advance so that class will not be interrupted and teachers will have an appropriate amount of time to prepare. Always stop by the office to sign in when visiting or volunteering in classrooms.

    Calls to teachers should be made before 7:30 a.m. or after 2:45 p.m. During the school day, messages may be left in the office for staff members or parents can contact the staff member via e-mail. 


    Safety Protocols


    In the interest of safety for all children and staff, we will adhere to the following protocols for the remainder of the year:

    Early Pick Ups-Identification will be required.  Students will be brought to the front door and identification will be verified.  There are no pickups after 2:00 due to dismissal.

    Tardy-When the doorbell is rang, office staff will come to the door to get the student and walk them to class

    Cupcakes-Cupcakes may be dropped off as early as 7:30 each day if you would like to do so for special occasions.  A member of the Archer office staff will take the cupcakes to your child’s classroom.

    Lunch-If special lunches are dropped off, they must be prior to your child’s lunch time. Lunch time space is only for Archer students and staff.

    Awards Day-Families will be provided 6 tickets for each Awards Day Ceremony.  Tickets will be needed to enter the building.