Honors Health Science1 HU405 (2020-2021)

     Career and Technology Education


    Nita Canon, RN BSN MHA

    Southwest Guilford High School

    336-8192970 x 1707





    Honors HS 1 Syllabus


     Honors Health Science1 HU405 (2021-2022)

     Career and Technology Education
    Hours of Instruction: 85 (block)


    Nita Canon, RN BSN MHA

    Southwest Guilford High School

    336-8192970 x 1707



    The Honors Health Science I curriculum will address all of the essential standards for 7240 Honors Health Science I as found in the NC CTE Course Blueprint. In addition to these essential standards, the HSI honors student will expand their knowledge of the human body through complex assignments. The goal of the honors curriculum is to increase the student’s understanding of how the anatomy and physiology of each body system is impacted by disease and the aging process. In the honors program, students will be expected to not only study each body system more deeply through extensive reading and research; they will be constantly challenged to analyze the interconnectedness of the body systems with projects and research. Students wishing to pursue health care careers will have a greater understanding of anatomy and physiology thereby creating a student who is more successful and more likely to succeed and progress through the health science pathways.

    Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences. Biology is recommended as good preparation for this course. Health Science 1 is a prerequisite for Honors Health Science 2.

    Course Requirements:

    • Daily Reading, Memorization and Labeling/Coloring of Body Structures
    • Note taking in class. Participation in class discussions and activities
    • Completion of homework
    • Weekly quiz/ Unit test after each body system
    • Research activities
    • Projects as assigned
    • Binder completion at the end of the semester
    • Minimum 20 hours of health-related service learning

    Content of the Course

    Organizational Structure, Skeletal System, Muscular System,

    Lymphatic System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Sensory System, Integumentary System, Urinary System, Endocrine System, and Reproductive System. For each unit there are assignments, coloring activities, research, classroom activities, projects, and study guidelines.


    Circulatory and Respiratory Systems are under Health Science 2 curriculum.


    First Aid Certification is a requirement for this course and will be incorporated in class.


    Course Objectives

    Through the content selected and activities planned, students should be able to:

    1. Understand structural organization of the body and initial roles of the first responder
    2. Understand the body’s support exchange systems
    3. Understand the body’s nutrient exchange and communication systems
    4. Understand the body’s hormone control systems

    Basis for Evaluation                                                                      

    PROJECTS                              35%

    TESTS                                   30%

    QUIZZES                               20

    Classwork/Homework             15%

    All homework is due at the beginning of class.  Work not turned in at the very beginning of class will receive a late grade.


             Late grade policy:  1 day late is 25 points automatically deducted

                                            2 days late is 35 points automatically deducted

                                            3 days late is an automatic 60

                                            4 days late is a ZERO

    *The CTE- End of Course exam will count as 20% of the final course grade – CANNOT BE EXEMPTED!

    Classroom Norms

    • Use blue or black ink only.
    • Your name, date, and period must be in ALL your work if you want to receive credit for it
    • Textbooks are kept in the classroom. They are to be signed out and signed back as needed, with the teacher’s permission
    • Observe laptop rules
    • Turn in assignments in the designated place at the beginning of the class, prior to the bell.
    • Copying work is cheating and will result in disciplinary actions.
    • Obey all school rules (honor code, dress code, cell phone, etc.)

    Missed Assignments

    • It is your responsibility to take missed tests and all other class assignments (after school) within 3 days from the student’s return based on the number of consecutive days missed. If a student is absent the day a test or project is due and the student was aware of the due date prior to the absence, the item is due on the assigned date or immediately on the student’s return. Check the make-up file beside the teacher’s desk for your missed assignments


    • Complete and return missed assignment directly to Mrs. Canon to earn credit



    You are required to JOIN OUR CLASS REMIND CHAT – Text @hs1fall21 to 81010




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