• I am over the moon to be your science specialist! I have always enjoyed technology and absolutely love science!  

    I strongly believe that science should be fun, engaging and hands-on.  When visiting our room, you may find us applying science knowledge to solve engineering challenges.  Or we may be mixing matter together to make new substances like slime.  Or we might be making strange noises during gross science. You will definitely smell us when we are dissecting sharks, squid and frogs.  

    Other times you will not find us in the room at all.  I enjoy bringing our outdoor campus into as much of the curriculum as possible.  Students have waded in the creek to hunt for salamanders, frogs and crayfish.  The pond is a great place to hunt for dragonfly nymphs and snails. We spend time in the garden learning about plants, rocks and soil.  Both the nature trail and the playground are great places to study erosion and weathering.  You may even see us by the fence at the road using pinwheels and ribbons.  

    Whatever we may be doing, know it will promote conversation, learning and possibly even some dirty clothes.  (Because science can be messy.) Thank you for entrusting your child's learning with us at GG.


Ms. Baldwin