During the application period, March 13 - April 5, 2019, applications will be available through an online portal: https://gcsnc.schoolmint.net/welcomebackApplications received after the deadline will not be included in the initial selection process, but will be considered on a space-available basis. Applications from students whose domicile is outside Guilford County will not be considered.


    To find out more about the new online application process, click on this link- Elementary and Middle School Online Process. You can also view a brief video here.


    In cases where there are duplicate programs (Montessori at Erwin, Washington and Triangle Lake, Global Studies Extended-Year at Brooks and Johnson Street, Spanish Immersion at Jones and Kirkman Park, IB at Falkener or Northwood, Expressive Arts at Morehead or Parkview, or Middle School Arts at Lincoln or Penn Griffin, Science and Technology at Swann and Welborn or IB at Hairston or Ferndale), the residence of the parents/guardians will determine the school to which the student is eligible to apply. To verify the school to which your child should apply, call the Student Assignment Office at (336) 370-8303.


    Click here to view the duplicate elementary school magnet feeder patterns.

    Click here to view the duplicate middle school magnet feeder patterns.


    No advantage is given to applications based on when they are received within the official application period. Applications received after the deadline may be considered on a space available basis.

    Siblings will be given priority if the application is received during the application period, there is a sibling currently enrolled in the magnet program of your choice that will be returning for 2019-2020, AND there is space available to accept magnet students for that particular grade level. The applications of multiple birth siblings to the same first choice school (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.) will be considered as one application. For example, if one twin is accepted, both will be accepted.

    Only one (1) application may be submitted for each student. The parent/legal guardian may designate a first, second or third choice.

    If a child can be accepted for the first choice, the placement will automatically be made and the parent will be notified. 

    After all applications have been considered based on the first choice, if there is still space available in any of the programs, then second and third choices will be considered. Every effort will be made to contact the parent if there is no space at the first choice and the second or third choice can be offered. When notified, the parent will be given the opportunity to accept the second or third choice or go into a waiting pool for the first choice. If the parent cannot be reached, the child will be placed in the waiting pool for the first choice school.
    If no choice can be offered, the child will be placed in a waiting pool for the first choice school. If and when an opening occurs, one name will be chosen at random from the waiting pool. 

    NOTE: If a child is accepted into a magnet program, and the student is registered at the magnet school, the parent is making a commitment to keep their child in that program for one full school year.



    Click here to view the Identifying Magnet Schools Quick Guide.

    Click here to view the Office of Magnet and Choice Schools Brochure