12 new strategies deployed
  • Guilford County Schools is committed to the safety and security of our students, staff and visitors.  To support this commitment, the School Safety and Emergency Management Department provides direct support to school and district administrators and maintains strategic partnerships with emergency response agencies throughout Guilford County. During the 2022-2023 school year, GCS has strengthened our school safety infrastructure by deploying 12 new safety strategies pictured above.

    The department maintains responsibility for the following areas:

    • Emergency operations and safe school plans
    • Emergency preparedness training, exercises and drills
    • School Resource Officers
    • Safety technology, including security cameras, alarms, access control and fire detection
    • Site safety and security assessments
    • Asset protection









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    Greensboro, NC  27401

    Phone: (336) 370-8995
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    Mike Richey
    Assistant Superintendent, School Safety and Emergency Management

    Stephen Durham
    Director, Security Technologies

    James Moore
    Director, School Safety and
    Emergency Management

    Wayne Dorsey
    School Safety Specialist

    Jerry Moore
    School Safety Specialist

    Daijah Faucette
    School Safety Specialist  

    Aaron Adams
    School Safety Specialist  

    Communications Repair Technician

    Clark McVey
    Communications Equipment Repair Technician  

    Todd Smith
    Communications Equipment Repair Technician

    David Waters
    Communications Equipment Repair Technician    

    School Safety and Security Support Specialist


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