•      I am Kyra Seaver the Teacher Cadet Teacher at Western Guilford High School and at Page High School.  It is an Honor to be an integral part of such an outstanding program and at two of the finest High Schools in Guilford County.  I have learned firsthand about academic excellence and character of the Western and Page students.  I love my profession because I have the grand opportunity to provide my Teacher Cadets with "hands on" experience in teaching. 

         The North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program began in 1997 when the North Carolina of Educators responded to a proposal by its NCAE Future Teachers of America Committee to initiate a school-based teacher recruitment program.  This effort was based on the belief that bright young people can be attracted to teaching careers if they are given the opportunity to study education and teaching in a challenging classroom environment.  This program is designed to introduce our Teacher Cadets to the Field of Education through fun and innovative lessons, projects, fieldwork experience, and class seminars.

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