• MH31 Sport and Event Marketing I is rigorous and relevant, based on state and national content standards, and engages technology to teach today’s generation of students. Business and industry representatives reviewed the standards and provided input on the content for this course as one that helps to prepare students for high-skill, high-wage, or in demand occupational opportunities.


    The CTE Course Management System includes the course standards, course information, and career pathway information. Equipment and technical guides can be found on NCCTE Admin. The following standards are covered in this course:

    • 1.00: Understand the fundamentals of sport and event industries.
    • 2.00: Understand sport and event marketing.
    • 3.00: Understand the importance of marketing data in sport and event industries.
    • 4.00: Understand how sport and events are branded.

            5.00: Understand promotion ideas and media used for sport and events