Inclement Weather Plan

  • Weather Can Impact Professional Learning...

    When the school day schedule is changed due to inclement weather, the following procedures will apply for conducting scheduled professional development activities. A separate announcement regarding professional development activities will not be made.

    1. When school is delayed, the start and finish times of the workshop will be similarly delayed. (If school is delayed one hour, the workshop will be delayed one hour. If school is delayed two hours, the workshop will be delayed two hours.)
    2. When school is closed for students, the workshop is cancelled, and the session will be rescheduled.
    3. When schools are closed early, workshops will be dismissed at the same time.
    4. No workshops scheduled to begin after school shall take place when school is closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather.


    For additional information regarding professional development activities please contact Dr. Tiffany Perkins, Executive Director: Professional Learning and Leadership, 336-665-8000.