• Explanation of Homework
    It is important for your child to review materials that is taught.

    Homework is a daily assignment from Sunday to Saturday.  I can't stress enough about how important homework is for your child to complete each night.  Homework reinforces what was taught in the classroom and it lets us know if we need to reteach any of the concepts in the classroom. Please DO NOT complete your child's homework for them. Let them write and draw on their own even if it doesn't look correct.  As parents, you  can write notes of what your child said and also to inform us of things your child struggled with.  Working together will help your child achieve their potential and more.

     Monday through Thursday your child will have worksheets or activities to complete at home daily and Friday -Sunday your child should practice their math facts, write sentences with the correct capital letters and punctuation with a complete thought, read 30 a day and review their sight words and learn how spelling them.