• There are pdf syllabi for individual classes attached to the bottom of this page that detail things like grading policy and materials. Some policies are universal to every class and are summarized below.


    My Expectations:

    1. Students will work to the best of their ability to be respectful, helpful, and successful.

    2. Students will try their best to complete every assignment according to the instructions.

    3. Students will collaborate with each other in appropriate ways, including: discussing content, group assignments, and peer assistance.

    4. Students will adhere to strict codes of academic integrity and not attempt to use other's words as their own, for example copying and pasting an answer from a web page or from another student's work.

    5. Students will actively communicate in classroom forums and discussions.

    6. Students will contact Mr. Mack via canvas, email, live instruction, or phone when they need help understanding course content.

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