• If you would like to schedule a student or parent conference but can not make these availabilities work with your schedule, please email, call, or text me to set up a time or use my open office hours. If I have stopped working for the day or it is the weekend, I will return your email on the next school day.

    Live instruction is hosted on Microsoft Teams. Students should log in with their GCS credentials and click the links found here or on canvas to join the live instruction at the given time. Office hours are hosted through the canvas conference links. I can be reached through my email and phone as well. 

    For assistance accessing canvas, please contact me through email or Google Voice.


    Live Hours by Subject and Class Period 

    1st Block- Planning/Office Hours: Monday-Thursday (9:00 am-10:00 am) Via Office Hour Links or Google Voice Number: (336) 944-6152

    H. Biology: Office Hour Link    https://m082.rna1.blindsidenetworks.com/html5client/join?sessionToken=lolm680fjlzcdfar

    Biology: Office Hour Link        https://m0202.rna1.blindsidenetworks.com/html5client/join?sessionToken=6udtguj4m0nhheuf

    2nd Block Live Lecture- H. Biology: Monday-Thursday (10:00 am -11:00 am)

    3rd Block Live Lecture-      Biology: Monday-Thursday (12:00 pm -1:00 pm)


    4th Block Live Lecture- H. Biology: Monday-Thursday (1:30 pm -2:00 pm)

    Friday Office Hours: By appointment  (10:00 am - 2:00 pm )

    I can be reached via text message or call the number below. This number can be called or texted any other time to leave a message which I will return as soon as I can, but I will be available to speak with anyone individually during open office hours.


    Google Voice Number: 336-944-6152

    Email: mackb2@gcsnc.com