ALL students will …

    • Attend school daily to COMPLETE the activities and/or assignments 
    • Login in daily to Canvas to check Announcements, Assignments, INBOX messages from me and course DAILY for updatesrespect yourselves, other students, the teacher
    • participate discussions, instruction, group assignments, and peer assistance.  

    • ask questions by raising your hand in class. If you must wait, use a post-it note to write your thoughts and/or questions.

    • collaborate with classmates when directed. Let's help each other out. 

    • adhere to/follow the districts, school’s strict codes of academic integrity and conduct and not attempt to use other's words as your own, for example, copying and pasting an answer from a web page or from another student's work.

    • always work hard, wisely and do your best every day…this includes managing your time working in your school day

    • do contact/get in touch with Mrs. Moore by Canvas email, regular web email, or phone during office hours when you need help understanding course content or school information

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