Technology Staff

  • Tech Staff Moving boxes The Technology Services Department provides technical leadership and expertise to all areas of the school system, administrative as well as instructional.  The staff is responsible for network engineering, technical support, user support, software maintenance, web resources, infrastructure, Internet access, security and repair of all computers in the district.  The department is also responsible for the web site and all major business applications including student information management.

    All teams in the Technology Services Department report to the Director of Technology Services and the Chief Operations Officer.

    Who to Call List

    This section includes information on Technology Services staff in the following areas:Technical Support

    User Support
    Systems and Programming

    User Support

    Several employees are assigned to user support.

    The Help Desk is responsible for helping users open tickets, assigning tickets to correct teams, answering users questions and assisting them when possible.

    A User Account employee is responsible for setting up new accounts, creating and managing distribution lists, home directories and passwords. 

    A Web Technician trains and assists the schools and central office departments with the development and updating of their webpages within the GCS website.


    Communication Engineers and Communication Technicians are employed to manage the wide area network including security, Internet services, network switching equipment and the cabling infrastructure.  One of the engineers is dedicated to monitoring network traffic and related security issues.

    Computer Repair

    The district operates a Computer Repair Facility at the Technology Center to provide cost-effective repair of all computer hardware used throughout the district.  The repair technicians have A+ certifications.  The facility has gained service provider certifications with our major vendors (Dell and IBM) and now services our own warranty work.  This results in shorter turnaround for school repairs and has generated funding that is used to purchase repair parts for older machines. 

    A budget is maintained for repair parts, for operation of the vans used by the repair technicians and for the salaries of the repair technicians.    


    The Technology Services Department also operates a warehouse for delivery and storage of all computer equipment.  Computer Delivery/Surplus Workers are responsible for the inventory.  New equipment is delivered to sites and older equipment is picked up and prepared for surplus.  Usable computer parts are removed, disk drives are cleared and monitors are palletized for recycling.  

    Systems and Programming

    The Technology Services Department is responsible for all major business applications used in the district.  The Systems & Programming team manages and operates the central IBM iSeries 400 computer and provides for all programming needs.

    A web master is employed to maintain the Guilford County Schools’ main web site.  The site serves as the primary online source for the district’s information.  The employee services section of the site, called “e-services”, includes web-based applications and information that are intended for Guilford County employees only.  For security, many of these systems have been designed to be Intranet applications.  Intranet applications require users to be connected to the Guilford County Schools’ network (directly or through a VPN) and have proper user identification.

    Technology Assistants

    Elementary schools may elect to exchange one Teacher Assistant position for a Technology Assistant.  Technology Assistants are responsible for scheduling the lab, assisting teachers with their students, simple installations and some troubleshooting.  The addition of the Technology Assistant position has been very effective in increasing the use of technology in our schools. 

    Requesting Technical Assistance

    All requests for technical assistance from individual users should be coordinated through their School or Department Technology Contact Person.  These persons use a web-based Help Desk System to enter all technology-related requests - hardware issues, installation of software, additional cabling, email problems, etc.  The school contact is able to view the history log of the ticket as it progresses toward completion.  Users are notified via email when a ticket is assigned and completed.

    Emergencies or complete outages may be phoned directly to the Help Desk. Call 336-370-8179.