EC Preschool Services

  • The Exceptional Children's Preschool Program provides special education and related services to children as outlined by the child's Individual Education Program (IEP).

    The services can be provided in a variety of settings depending on the child's special educational needs. Many times the services are provided in the child's natural setting.  Children this age typically are at home, attend daycare, preschool, or a Headstart program.  The EC Preschool program has special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists that provide special education to children in these settings. Sometimes children may need to receive their special education in a special class or in a special school. The program also has designated sites in the county where parents can bring their children for speech therapy services. The type, frequency, and location of a child's special education services are determined by the child's IEP team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if I think my child may need special educational services through the Preschool EC Program?
    Parents can call the main number (336) 294-7473 and make a referral for screening/evaluation.  Preschool staff will then conduct screenings (hearing, vision, speech/language, developmental) to determine what type of evaluation your child may require to identify any special educational need.

    What happens if my child passes the screening?
    If your child passes all parts of the screening, generally that would indicate that there is not a need to evaluate your child for special education services.

    What if my child fails some or all of the screening?
    With your permission, your child will receive evaluations in the areas of concern identified as delayed during the screening process. Once the evaluations are completed you will be asked to attend a meeting to determine if your child is eligible for special education services. If your child is eligible, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed for your child.

    What is the difference between Exceptional Children's Preschool Program and Guilford County School Pre-K?
    The Exceptional Children's Preschool program provides special education services for children as indicated on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Children can be eligible for these services beginning at age 3. Children who are four years of age by August 31 are eligible to apply to the GCS Pre-K program.   

    What do I do if I moved here from another county or state and my child has an IEP?
    Call our main office (336) 294-7473. We will meet with you and make the necessary arrangements to obtain your child's Exceptional Children's file from the state or county you have come from and determine the appropriate special education services for your child that meet NC Guidelines.