• Credit by Demonstrated Mastery is a pathway for students to earn credit for a high school class that they have not taken.  It is a two phase process.  The first phase will include the students taking a state exam.  If the student scores above a 94, they will be allowed to move to stage two.  The second phase will include the creation of some type of pre-determined artifact and presenting this artifact to a team of curriculum experts at the school. 

    Some things to note:

    - CDM can only be attempted once per course

    - If achieved, the credit will be awarded as a pass but will not be included in the students Grade Point Average (GPA)

    - If a student does not achieve CDM, no information about the attempt will be on their transcript.


    You can find more information about Credit by seeing Mr. Devonmille or by clicking here: Credit by Demonstrating Mastery