• Disclaimer:  The policies and procedures below may be effected due to health protocols due to Covid 19.

    Change of Transportation

    Parents must send in a written note with their student if there is a change in the student's mode of transportation home for that day. If a written note is not submitted, the student will be sent home by his/her regular mode of transportation.  Notes can be sent in on paper or by fax (336-643-8447).  All notes must have a parent/guardian signature and can be to school with the student on the day of the transportation change.  Please make sure to tell your child that they should give transportation change notes to their teacher when they arrive at school.


    Change of Transportation requests MUST be sent when your child is:

    • Going home with another student, either by private transportation or by school bus (even if it is the same bus they normally ride, but your child is getting off at a different stop).

    • Going home via a different method from their daily routine.

    Change of Transportation Requests should include ALL of the following information:

    • Student's full name

    • Student’s teacher and grade

    • Date the change is occurring

    • Mode of transportation to be used that day (if on a bus, include the bus number)

    • Full name of student the child is going home with

    • Contact information for parent making the request

    Transportation change notes are collected by the student’s teacher and submitted to the office.  The office staff matches and signs them as approved.  The approved notes are then given back to each student’s teacher, and if applicable, the bus driver.  A photocopy of the note is maintained in the office.  It is important that your child turns in any Change of Transportation notes as soon as they get to school in order to facilitate this process.