• Disclaimer:  The policies and procedures below may be effected due to health protocols due to Covid 19.

    Visiting for Lunch

    Parents are always welcome to join their children for lunch in the Summerfield Cafeteria! 


    If you'd like to come for lunch, please sign in as a VISITOR in the front office and meet your child in the vestibule outside the cafeteria.  Check with the teacher to be sure of the class lunch schedule.


    If there is sufficient space, feel free to sit with your child at the assigned classroom tables. If space is limited, or you prefer, you may take your child to sit at the available parent table near the cafeteria line or at the table on the stage if it is set up.  As we approach nicer weather, you may also take your child outside to eat at the picnic tables.


    Please remember that you may not take another child or children to sit with you.  Other students in the class should remain at their assigned class tables. If you have any questions, do ask one of our assigned lunch monitors. Also, if you bring outside lunch into the cafeteria, provide lunch for your child only. Many children have allergies so we ask that you not provide pizza, etc. for other students.


    Again, we welcome you to eat lunch with your child any time.   Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.