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    Guilford County Schools 2023-2024 Student and Family Handbook: North Carolina Standard Health for all Public School Students

    Reproductive Health and Safety Education Page 108 


    Health and Physical Education is required as part of the curriculum adopted by the State Board of Education.  Health Education includes topics such as mental and emotional health, personal and consumer health, interpersonal communications and relationships, nutrition and physical activity, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  Physical Education includes categories such as motor skill development, movement concepts, health related fitness, and personal/social responsibility. 

    The nature of Health Education often includes discussion of sensitive topics.  In these situations, teachers are trained in appropriate content, as well as proper teaching methods.  In particular, parents/guardians are advised that (1) puberty is taught in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade curricula and (2) sexual abstinence until marriage, risks of premarital sexual activity, the prevention of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, sexual assault and abuse, sex trafficking prevention and awareness, methods of contraception, and reproductive health and safety are taught in the seventh through high school curriculum.  Parents/guardians will be notified of specific times when the curriculum/instructional materials which will be used may be reviewed at the child’s school.


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School Health Education

Reproductive Health and Safety Education Curriculum

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