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  • Service-Learning is a way of teaching and learning that connects positive and meaningful action in the community with academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility.  Service-Learning helps develop citizenship and good character while providing direct connections to the academic curriculum.

    Guilford County Schools encourages every student to participate in Service-Learning during their time in high school.  The GCS Service Learning Handbook outlines all the requirements and forms necessary to get started.  Students who complete and successfully log at least 100 hours of service learning earn the Service-Learning Exemplary Award, while students who complete and successfully log at least 250 hours receive a Service-Learning Diploma upon graduation.  All hours must be logged into x2vol.com and be approved to count toward the award or diploma. 

    • The following prorate is for students in the Class of 2022, and Class of 2023. Class of 2024 and upward will follow the original hour requirement (diploma- 250 hours; award- 100 hours.) 

      Proration: The following proration will be followed.

      Service-Learning Diploma  

      Students who have 186 hours submitted will obtain the Service-Learning Diploma.  

      • Students typically have 185 weeks (Freshman year to Service-Learning Senior deadline including summers) to earn the 250 hours towards the Service-Learning Diploma which equals an average of 1.35 hours per week.  250/185 = 1.35 
      • Students in high school during the mandatory COVID-19 at-home learning time have had a reduced opportunity to obtain service-learning hours. Based on this, we are prorating the requirement by 64 hours equaling 186 hours. Students did not have the opportunity for in-school experiences for 47 weeks. 185-47=138  138 x 1.35 = 186 

      Service-Learning Award  

      Students in High School during COVID-19 who have submitted 75 hours will obtain the Service-Learning Award.  

      • Based on the above logic, the service-learning award would be reduced from 100 hours to 75 hours. 100/185 = .54   138 x .54 = 75   

    See below for more information about x2vol.com. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Andrea Martin at martina6@gcsnc.com.  



    Service-Learning is more than just simple volunteering. In the process of service to their school and/or community, students learn a lot about themselves and their responsibilities as a citizen while making connections with what they are learning in schools.

    Service-Learning: EXAMPLE 1

    • 1. Coordinating a community marathon is service.
    • 2. Measuring body mass index is learning
    • 3. Calculating the average BMI of a school, setting up a website to gather statistics, then organizing a “Walk across North Carolina” to help reduce obesity is service-learning.

    Service-Learning: EXAMPLE 2

    • 1. Picking up trash on a riverbank is service.
    • 2. Studying water samples under a microscope is learning.
    • 3. Science students collecting and analyzing water samples, documenting their results and presenting their findings to a local pollution control agency is service-learning.

    How Students Engage in Service-Learning

    • 1. Students can participate in service-learning experiences through GCS classes/clubs. GCS staff should complete a Teacher Documentation Form found on x2vol.
    • 2. Students can participate in service-learning experiences independently through non-profit community based service-learning projects. Students
      should complete the Service-Learning Approval Form found on x2VOL.


    x2vol Student Registration Powerpoint

    Student Forms:

    New Online Service Learning Approval Form

    Service Learning Hours Log

    Personal Project Approval Form


    Service Learning Frequently Asked Questions

    x2vol Frequently Asked Questions