• Chaperone Expectations for Overnight Trips

    This overnight program is, designed to benefit all participants equally.  The time you spend here should be pleasant, valuable and have a positive impact on the entire experience.  Please read the following information carefully so that you fully understand your roles and responsibilities.

    • Students should not be alone at any time.
    • It is very important that the students be on time to classes and meals.
    • No food, candy, or gum in the cabins. They attract animals and produce littler. No food or drinks in hotel room, snacks are provided each evening.
    • No radios, electronic games, or similar devices.
    • Please do not remove anything from the state park if visiting.
    • It is mandatory that every cabin or hotel room, be supervised by adults throughout the night.
    • You are responsible for the students during recreation time.
    • Set cell phones to vibrate. If you get a call during a program, please step well away from the group to take the call. Students are not allowed to keep any cell phones with them while participating in the program.
    • Please make sure that all cell phones are turned off during the campfire, and have your flash off on your device during the campfire.
    • Please make sure all students are appropriately clothed (coats, rain gear, etc.)
    • Students must always have a buddy And one chaperone AT A Minimum.
    • Students must wear buttons at all times.
    • All students Must have a water bottle.
    • Cabins must be cleaned of any trash on last day of trip.
    • Cabins or hotel room must be checked and double checked to make sure no belongings are left.

    Bring any issues/concerns/questions to staff.  Thanks!