• Beginning in Grade 3 through grade 8, all student are administered a North Carolina End of Grade test—math and reading all of the years, science in grades 5 and 8.  High School students will be assessed through an End of Course assessments in the areas of: Algebra 1, Biology, and English 1. Students receiving the curriculum through the North Carolina Extended Content Standards will be assessed through a modified version of the End of Grade/End of Course tests called the North Carolina Extend 1.

    Students may or may not receive accommodations.  If needed, accommodations are determined by the IEP team based on the types of accommodations needed to access the North Carolina Standard Course of Study or the North Carolina Extended Content Standards. Any accommodation a student uses regularly during the student’s typical school program may or may not be eligible for use on the End of Grade/End of Course assessments.

    Please consult the Testing Students with Disabilities Handbook below for a full description of available accommodations.