The legal parent(s) or court-appointed guardian must register their student. If the person enrolling the student is a court-appointed guardian, the document must be a court document signed by a Judge. We cannot accept notarized paperwork.

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    Online Enrollment Parent Guide

    Once all required pieces are complete, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to finalize your enrollment. Students enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year will be contacted in July, 2021. 

     Please bring the following items when registering your student at Northern Guilford High School:

                    Birth Certificate


                    Parents Driver’s License*

                    Current original utility bill (Duke Power, Gas or Water Bill)*

                    Transcript and Final Report Card

                    Copy of IEP/504 if applicable

    *All items must have the address for which you are registering with.


    Typical 9th Grade Schedule: 

    English I (Honors)

    Math 1 (Honors), Math 2 (Honors), or Math 3 (Honors) - depending on what student took in 8th grade

    Biology Honors or Earth/Environmental Science

    Civic Literacy (Honors)

    Physical Education/Health