• Welcome to First Grade! As you and your child enter into First Grade you can expect them to learn a lot throughout this year. Students will be working on a wide range of materials.


    For Math, we will continue to use a curriculum which is know as Eureka. Through different activities such as sprints, problem sets, games, and exit tickets, you can expect your student to learn about numbers 1-150, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, addition and subtraction, and word problems(yes, even in first grade). Students will also learn how to become more independent with their math and grow in their critical thinking and number sense. 


    For CKLA, these learning strands are broken into two parts. We have a Skills Strand and a Listening and Learning Strand. The Skills Strand focuses on teaching grammar, letter sounds, as well as handwriting. In the Listening and Learning Strand students listen to a story and focus on learning new vocabulary as well as working on answering comprehension questions as they relate to each story. You can expect your student to learn about character traits, different types of genres such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, fables, folktales, fantasy, and the list goes on. Students will learn how to question themselves as readers to make sure that they are comprehending what is being read. Not only will they question themselves while reading, but they will also learn how to appropriately answer questions about what they have read using evidence from the text.


    For Science, you can expect your student to learn about the difference between living and non-living things, the day and night sky including outer space, plant parts and plant needs, and even how they can help care for the environment.


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