• Where in the world will you go?

  • Below are some general steps you will need to take in order to not only study abroad, but to receive credit for classes taken during your study abroad.

    1. Research places you want to go! Click here for study abroad opportunities for some opportunities we know about.
    2. Apply -- and get accepted!
    3. Complete prior approval for study abroad.  The document is linked below. 
    4. Study abroad! 
    5. Early on, send family members or school counselors documentation of your courses. This could be a copy of your syllabus, pictures of work your doing, or even a video of a presentation you had to do. 
    6. Submit Request for Credit document also linked below with the documentation of your coursework.
    7. After completion of the program, send any final scores, grades, results, or completion documents.


    Link to Request for Credit Study Abroad


    Link to Study Abroad Approval Form