What Students Should Know Before and While Attending High School

    • Know how to calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average)

    • Know how to read a transcript

    • Understand the meaning and importance of a course credit

    • Know your high school graduation requirements

    • Understand and complete a High School Four Year Plan

    • Know the attendance policy

    • Have an understanding of the Career Clusters and Course Concentrations

    • Have an understanding of High School Options

    • Understand the meaning and importance of various curriculum options, such as:

      a) Honors / Advanced Placement (AP)

      b) International Baccalaureate (IB)

      c) College Courses

      d) Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

      e) Virtual Learning

      f) Diploma Endorsements

     Important Tips:

    • Talk with your school counselor(s), parent and teachers concerning your course selections.

    • Choices that you make in high school affect your options for study/career after high school.

    • Give serious consideration when selecting your courses.

    • In order to earn a high school diploma you must meet all course, credit and test requirements of at least one course of study.

    • Courses of study are designed by the state to prepare students for a multitude of post-high school opportunities.

    • Take the most challenging classes possible that will prepare you for educational and career opportunities after high school.