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    Ms. World's Class Demonstrating PRIDE!

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      P R I D E

     Personal Responsibility & Self-Discipline    

    • Being dependable and accountable for your own actions 
    • Carrying out obligations and having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks one has accepted
    • Following all EGHS & GCS Rules 

     Respect & Kindness 

    • Showing high regard for SELF, OTHERS, PROPERTY and AUTHORITY 
    • Understanding and appreciating that all people have value
    • Responding sensitively to the ideas of others without dismissing or degrading them

     Integrity & Courage  

    • Being truthful and trustworthy 
    • Carrying out your responsibilities without claiming credit for someone else's work 
    • Willing to acknowledge wrongdoing
    • Being honest and standing by your work and your word


     Determination & Perseverance    

    • The inner strength and perseverance to pursue goals
    • Maintaining focus in the face of adversity and personal challenges  
    • Each person works to complete assignments and all members of the community support others in their work


    • Commitment to doing your BEST work and giving your strongest effort
    • Refusing to settle for mediocrity