Residency License Teacher Requirements

  • Welcome to Guilford County Schools! We are glad to have you join our family. Once you have been hired, you will participate in three different pre-employment events.

    Event Description

    New Employee Orientation- (Huddle) 

    All new Guilford County Schools employees attend New Employee Orientation, regardless of position or licensure status. Once the hiring process has been finalized, you will receive an email from your Human Resources Coordinator at the email address provided in your application to confirm your scheduled orientation session. Sessions are offered throughout the year. You will be scheduled for the next available session.

    Prior to this session, you will receive electronically:

    • Your letter of employment verifying your salary
    • Your employment contract
    • Benefits enrollment instructions 

    At your orientation, the following will occur:

    • An introduction to Guilford County Schools' mission, values and culture
    • Receive your identification badge
    • A review of district policies
    • Assistance applying for licensure (if applicable)
    • Answers related to questions about employment 
    • Assistance with Benefits enrollment (if needed)

    Questions related to New Employee Orientation should be directed to Alison Yates, Director of Staffing, (336) 370-8094.


    Residency License Orientation

    All new Residency License/Emergency license teachers are required by the State to complete a 10-day Orientation. 5 of the 10 days must be completed prior to beginning as the teacher of record for your classroom. Once your HR Coordinator notifies New Teacher Support of your employment, you will receive an e-mail notification and a phone call regarding registration for the required orientation.

    At this session, our New Teacher Support team will provide you with the necessary tools to begin your career as a teacher to ensure you enter the classroom prepared for success.


    Right Start Orientation

    All beginning teachers hired before the start of the new school year in August with six or fewer months of teaching experience are required to attend Right Start Orientation that occurs during the summer. Beginning teachers hired after the school year begins (mid-August through May) will receive content from Right Start Orientation through sessions determined by the New Teacher Support team. You will receive an email with registration information.

    At this session, you will receive:

    • An introduction to Guilford County Schools' mission, values, and culture
    • Receive your identification badge
    • An overview of district policies
    • An overview of your curriculum content with a specialist
    • An overview of classroom management procedures
    • Assistance with Benefits enrollment

    Questions related to Right Start Orientation should be directed to Crystal Vandiver, Director of New Teacher Support,  (336) 665-8000.